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Bernhardt Celebrates 125th Anniversary

Mar 28, 2014
Bernhardt Furniture, one of the largest family-owned furniture companies in the U.S., commences its 125th Anniversary celebration beginning today, March 28, 2014.  [more...]

Bernhardt Hospitality Launches Licensed Stacy Garcia Line at HD Expo 2014

Mar 20, 2014
Bernhardt Hospitality, a division of Bernhardt Furniture, Inc. launched in 2009, is collaborating with product design firm Stacy Garcia, Inc.  [more...]

Bernhardt Hospitality featured in NEWH Magazine's Fall 2013 issue

Sep 27, 2013
Bernhardt Hospitality products are featured in NEWH Magazine's Fall 2013 article titled “No Place Like Home”. The article highlights companies that produce furniture products domestically in the United States.  [more...]

Transcending to New Heights

May 15, 2013
Bernhardt Hospitality introduced a dynamic new space at the Hospitality Design Expo & Conference in Las Vegas, May 15-17. Visiting the booth showed our visitors a different perspective of Bernhardt Hospitality.   The Booth  [more...]

We're adding a new color to the Bernhardt Hospitality palette: Gold

May 07, 2012
Bernhardt Hospitality's national trade show exhibit booth is now worth its weight in gold - a Gold ADDY, that is.  [more...]

Bernhardt showcases the latest design styles with a sleek new ad

May 07, 2012
The striking new ad showcases new pieces in cream and chrome that add a touch of warmth and reflection to any space.  [more...]

Thinking Outside the Box with Bernhardt Interiors

Nov 29, 2011
Featuring the Orly Collection Giving public spaces and interior suites a fresh new look can be as simple as adding a few eclectic pieces from the Bernhardt Interiors collection.  [more...]

Bold. Intriguing. Unique. Inspiring.

Nov 29, 2011
Explore the possibilities with Bernhardt's newest products  [more...]

New Design Redefines "Comfort" for Guests

Oct 27, 2011
In just a few months, Comfort Inns and Comfort Suites across the country will be redefining what comfort means for their guests.  [more...]

Bernhardt Hospitality Brings Furniture Solutions to Miami.

Oct 27, 2011
The recent 2011 Hospitality Design Boutique Exposition & Conference (HD Boutique) in Miami proved to be an ideal place for Bernhardt Hospitality to introduce some of our innovative furniture solutions.  [more...]