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Furniture Covers


Our luxury furniture covers are custom designed to fit each piece in the Bernhardt Exteriors collection, giving you an extra layer of protection for our stunning outdoor furniture designs. The covers are durable, yet lightweight and breathable. They offer a strong defense against moisture, UV rays, mold, mildew, and dust.

Features of our covers

  • Covers are constructed of Sur Last, a 100% solution-dyed 600 denier woven polyester, finished with a solvent-based, water repellent treatment. This specially formulated urethane coating is gentle on sensitive surfaces.
  • The breathable fabric features a high mold and mildew resistance when covering furniture and cushions that have been properly cleaned and dried.
  • Covers resist water, shrinking, fading, UV rays, and severe weather.
  • Incredibly durable, the covers are tear- and stretch-resistant, beautifully holding their shape thanks to their tensile strength in both warp and fill directions.
  • Table covers include tenting pieces that will allow water to drain away from surfaces.
  • A tailored cover is available for each sectional component and easily zips to the next piece to ensure the entire sectional is protected.
  • Covers stay securely in place with straps and a self-release buckle or pull cord.


Furniture Cover Types

The images below are representative of what our various covers look like. Each cover is custom made to fit the actual piece of furniture you have purchased. To find the specific cover that goes with your item, please select your item and find the details about its custom cover under Options.








All of our covers are available in two fabric choices:


Light Gray

Instructions for use

  • Ensure all furniture and cushions are thoroughly cleaned and dried before applying covers.
  • To ensure a proper fit, remove any decorative throw pillows. Lay the back cushions flat on top of the seat cushions. This will help water stream down the front of the cover instead of pooling on the surface.
  • We strongly recommend storing cushions in a dry place when not in use for an extended period of time and during periods of severe and inclement weather.
  • If your furniture cover includes a zipper, be sure zipper is open before applying cover.
  • Place covers over furniture so that the description label on the inside seam is in the front. If the cover has straps and buckles, the short strap and buckle should be in front, with the long straps in the back.
  • Slip the long straps underneath the furniture and clip to the buckle, adjusting strap for a tight fit.
  • To maximize fit, some covers come with pull cords instead of strapping. Simply cinch the cord for a snug fit.
  • Covers for dining tables come with tents that should be placed underneath the cover, tall side up, on the table surface and lined up to fit inside the darts sewn onto the top of the cover. These tents raise the fabric from the surface of the table, keeping water from pooling. Never allow water to pool on the surface of the covers.
  • For sectionals, with your furniture still configured, place each cover over the appropriate piece with the inside tag in the front and the long straps in the back. Zip all sections together. Slip the long strap underneath the frame and snap into front buckle. Pull to adjust straps if necessary.
  • If your sectional is configured with armless sides on the end, be sure to order the appropriate side panels for each open, armless end.


Care and Cleaning

  • Sur Last is designed for easy maintenance. It can be washed, or brushed off and rinsed.
  • For routine care, spray off dirt and debris with water and allow to dry.
  • For a more in depth cleaning, add 2 ounces of mild soap to 1 gallon of lukewarm water. Clean the fabric with a soft bristle brush. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.